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Refractory Castables

Refractory is a class of materials which are produced from non-metallic minerals. They are the primary materials used in the internal lining of industrial furnaces, boilers and possess capability to withstand heat and pressure, and are used in steel, aluminum, glass, cement, petrochemicals, non-ferrous metals, thermal power plants and process units. These are produced in Special Shapes and are Custom made to suit the requirements of the various industries.

Refractories are classified on the basis of their chemical composition, end use, and manufacturing method. They can be classified as acidic, basic, and neutral refractories. A small range of high melting point materials like magnesia, bauxite, fireclay, and silica are used to produce refractories.

Particulars Al₂O₃% Fe₂O₃% GrainSize(mm) ServiceTemp(⁰)
Maxcrete Normal 45 4 5.0 1400
Maxcrete Super 70 5 5.0 1450
Maxheat K 60 1 5.0 1600
Maxheat A 90 0.8 5.0 1750
Maxlyte 11 - 3.50 6 1300
Fire cement 49 4 1.5 1500
Fire clay Mortor(I.S.8) 24 6 - 800